Our Services

From lawn mowing to pruning, weeding, edging and everything else inbetween, we'll tailor a plan using only the best tools and techniques to service your garden.



Pruning is an art that we take very seriously here at Smart Garden. It takes years to learn exactly where to prune plants in order to get them to grow in the direction and shape you desire.

Each of our gardeners have a pair of the world’s best secateurs and pruning saw on them at all times. We take pride in making sharp, clean cuts that are going to keep your plants healthy for the long run.

Whether it is pruning Roses back at the correct time of the year or shaping up a beautiful feature tree we have your pruning needs covered.


Hedge Trimming

One of the nicest garden features to look at is a freshly trimmed hedge. We use only the best hedge trimming tools on the market and make sure they are always sharp so that we can leave your hedges with a tidy top, back and sides.


Also, our hedge trimmers are all battery powered which means that we are much quieter when working on your property and we’re looking after the environment at the same time by not using petrol tools. That’s a real win-win!


Pest & Disease Management

With our years of experience in garden maintenance, we have gotten very good at noticing nasty pests and disease in your garden and we employ the best techniques to get them under control as soon as possible.

We also know which plants will typically get certain types of pests throughout the year, so we spray preventatively to stay on top of pests before they get out of hand.

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Fertilization Programs

As part of our standard maintenance program for your garden we stay right on top of feeding your plants at the correct times throughout the year to ensure they maintain luscious green foliage and healthy flowers or fruit. Well-fed plants are happy plants!


Lawn Care

We know that Kiwis like to have nice looking lawns, so we offer a well-balanced lawn care program to keep your lawn looking great throughout the year. This includes applying slow release fertilizers, pest and fungus management, broad-leaf spraying and much more. And of course, we will also look after the mowing and edging of your lawn as well on a regular basis.


Tree Care

As part of our care program for your garden, we will shape and prune trees up to 4 metres tall throughout your garden. Any trees that are larger than this we bring in our arborist friends to help get the job done. We also prune fruit trees in order to keep them producing juicy, sweet, delicious fruit.


Moss Control

Whether it is causing your tiles to get slippery or taking over the shady edges of your lawn, moss tends to sneak up in the wet Winter months to create a real eye-sore in most gardens. That is why we are quick to stay on top of it as part of our regular maintenance program.


Weed Control

No one likes seeing unsightly weeds popping up in their garden. This is why we apply both manual and spraying techniques to keep on top of weeds while we are working on your garden.

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Create & Manage Your Vege Plot

We have seen many Kiwis get into growing their own veggies in the past few years. If you want a productive garden, but don’t have the time, energy or green thumb required to keep it growing throughout the year, we can help.


We are happy to design a veggie layout that is perfect for your needs and keeps producing lovely food for your family to eat. We consider things such as production capacity per area, companion planting, and cross-pollination, etc.